Mastering The Beach !

The World’s largest manufacturer of Recreational, Search & Rescue, Commercial & Utility Hovercraft. We live and breathe hovercraft!

Our Best Hovercrafts

Our Hovercrafts

    The Beast

    The World’s best recreational 2-3 person hovercraft. Ideal for driving events businesses, explorers, cruisers and thrill seekers.

    The Coastal pro

    The quietest production 3-4 person hovercraft in Europe! Twin engine commercial, search & rescue and utility hovercraft which is also an excellent recreational choice

    The Mini

    The ‘Go-Kart’ 1 person Hovercraft. Ideal first hovercraft. Used by most driving events/activity businesses
    Our wide range of hovercrafts available for Commercial use and rescue.
    We have combined our 30 years experience with commercial and emergency services feedback to produce an advanced and efficient craft which is specifically aimed at commercial and rescue operations.
    The Mini and Mini XL are the smallest hovercraft in our range, and yet they provide the biggest grins!.

    You cannot help but smile when you get behind the controls. It’s like driving the hovercraft version of a go kart! Flying over land and water, across grass, sand, mudflats and calm waters – it’s simply a huge amount of fun.
    Unleash “THE BEAST”
    The New upgraded “Beast” is available to order now! whether you’re using it for personal rexreation, driving/activity events, light commercial work ,utility use or rescue support, the “BEAST” is simply the highest-spec, most exciting and desirable personal hovercraft on the market today!

    What We Offer

    1 year warranty

    100% manufactured in UK

    Online payment

    After-sales maintenance service

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